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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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Racialism is worse than communism since its
ideology includes eternal hatred; communism,
on the other hand, decrees hatred as a way, a
method of conflict, while its final ideal proposes
the absence of hate.   The search for leaders
indicates the fall of democracy and decline into
Caesarism, a phenomenon well known in the past.
Cxsarism is not a classic political form: it con-
tains elements of decadence.    Cassarism always
indicates the end of an epoch, the necessity of
passing over to new forms.   But what we are
witnessing to-day is more than the end of an
historical epoch—it is a judgment upon history.
The results of the long processes of history have
so far advanced in our day that a judgment upon
the failures of history is not merely possible but
inevitable.    These results have been evident in
national, political and economic life.   They are
evident in spiritual culture as well, in literature
and philosophy, for even here the true image of
man has been disturbed, the integrity of human
existence is threatened.   And above them all
only one positive, creative force reigns—the
power of technics.

Man is entering a new cosmos. All the
elements of our epoch were present in the past,
but now they are generalized, universalized and
revealed at last in their true aspect. In these
days of the world's agony we feel keenly that